Friday, 23 February 2007

Module Four - Evaluating the web

Barker, J. (2006) Finding Information on the Internet: Table of Contents. Retrieved 29, 2007 from

As a prominent university library site, the reliability and authority of this site is fairly high.

It covers several broad areas of the Internet that are of important interest to academic students. It explains cleary what the Internet is and what the World Wide Web is. It clarifies for those who may confuse the two that the Internet and the Web are two different, but complimentary services, and without the Internet we couldn't have the web. It covers the different categories of search tools, different search engines, meta-search engines, subject directories, the how and why of web page evaluation, citation, plagiarism and a glossary of Internet & web jargon is detail, as well as providing further links to explain terms.

The site page "About this tutorial" gives information on the history of the site and the why of the Teaching Library created it. The objectives of the site are spelt out quiet clearly.

This site is an excellent resource for all Internet Users. It is clear, concise and gets the information across to the reader without confusion.

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