Friday, 23 February 2007

Module Five - Info-Communication Concepts

The concept of an information ecology wasn't surprising to me, but I hadn't actually thought about this too much. In my working life I have always been involved in an educational information ecology. With a library background, particularly in the education sector, I have always just accepted the different information ecologies that the internet & web have or comprise. Long before the Web became commonplace, I studied Information Ecologies, yet that term was not used. Therefore, I have always viewed the internet & web in that light. For me it has meant easier access to those sources of information that we find in 'the deep web', 'the invisible web'. I have always known it was there as I was creating and typing up abstracts for databases twenty years ago.

Info-Communication - P2P
I no longer have an involvement in P2P networks, but I did back in the day when I wore a patch on my eye and had a parrot on my shoulder. That was many years ago. However I am interested in Freenet. With the time that I have in SP1 I am going to spend it exploring the Freenet P2P system. I want to learn more about the use of P2P in Academia.

Info-Communication - Publishing
I have read The Age and other online newspapers and magazines, both Australian & overseas for at least the last four & five years. I buy and use e-books all the time.

I am excited by the changes and growth in the social information exchange. In large part, this is why I am studying, so that I can combine my library history and knowledge and advanced studies of an academic nature in knowledge management. With a deeper understanding of the Internet gained through this study, I want to be able to guide this generation and the next generation of secondary students to be able to think beyond Google.

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