Friday, 26 January 2007

Module Four - Using the infosphere: taking & organising

Basic applications for reading different file formats:

1. PDF files

I have Adobe's Acrobat Reader v. 5. I had thought it was a later version but apparently not.
I will update this soon. I have this set as the default to read any pdf's I download or receive by email. As I don't generally have a need to make any PDF's I haven't downloaded and used any opensource PDF applications.

2. Flash / Shockwave Players
I have the Flash player as standard as I have in the past made Flash movies. It is also quite simply a required 'plugin' for any browsing. My second computer particularly has Shockwave, as it is our games computer. I will check what versions etc and update if necessary.

3. Media Players
I have Windows Media Player, although I haven't updated it recently. As well as iriverPlus2 which is required for one of our MP3 players. iriver is our default for music on the main computer. And I also have Quicktime, of course. I don't bother with Real Player as in the past I have found I had continual problems with it and I don't have the time to spend on computer system maintainance. I will update WMP when I acquire a copy on disc.

4. Search Managers / Combiners
I have downloaded Copernic Meta for PC & Glooton 1.5.1 for Windows. Neither are installed as yet. I need to create a restore point in XP before installing either application. As I use Firefox I have also started using the search option.
I am trying to upload a jpeg to demonstrate the search option in Firefox but at the moment blogger isn't cooperating. oh well! Will upload it when it decides to work.

Here it is.
5. Bookmark Managers
As Bookmark Buddy for Windows is not a freeware application I have not downloaded it. At present I am investigating freeware options. One of the options is NetVisualize. While looking for Bookmark Managers is ended up at Feedbus. This has loads of links to managers like, A1-Webmarks, Blinklist, Bookmark Buddy, Complore, &, an open source clone of I noticed that many were beta and unfortunately I simply don't have the time to explore very many of them.

6. Offline Browsers / Copiers
Well I have once again choosen not to download another application. Webcopier for Windows, as it only has a 15 day trial. Pagesucker seems very old, however I have downloaded what appears to be the latest version, 3.2.

Well, I've managed to do this much, but its taken all day. I haven't been doing much for the last 2-3 weeks as I apparently have Sciatica, and I got bitten by a spider, a White tail, I think. I haven't been able to sit at my desk for more that about 15 minutes, which isn't great when you need to be able to spend time and concentrate on searching. Oh well! I'm starting to get back to study, which I've missed.