Sunday, 3 December 2006

Module One - Telnet continued

What an idiot I am. Firewall! I forgot to organise permission in the firewall settings. duh!
And I can't even take credit for remembering the firewall. I read it in someone's post.

Anyway, apparently CAPITALIZATION matters.

Module One - Ping

After what seems like forever I'm finally at this section of mod 1. At least my self tests are going well.

Pinging webct got no response so I used main []

Amount: 10 Time: 243.1 ms

A-tools Ping

Amount: 5 Time: 82 ms

Windows flashed by so fast this is what is managed to capture.

I'm finished for the day. I'm going to go a make my birthday cheesecake. Only 2 days late.

Module One - Traceroute

Tracing route from [] to []...
No. stops: 23
Time: 246

Tracing route from [] to []...
No. stops: 18

Curtin IP Number:

Module One - FTP

This is not going so well. I havent used ftp in years. I hate wasting time mucking about. I'll try again later, but for now I'm moving on to the next part of mod 1.