Saturday, 2 December 2006

Module One - Telnet

By trying to type in telnet:// into the browser gave me the dos window but when I typed in I got zippo, zilch da nada. I went to the discussion board to find the answer to my dilemma, and Nikki had the answer. Here are the results

Although I don't have an email yet. Ah, yes I do.

Catching up

I've managed to read all the posts that I've neglected this week.
On my to do list now:

  1. Create brief web page to post up links & references etc.
  2. Start on Module 1 - Tasks - Telnet
I should be caught up soon!




Hi this is my first blog & first post.

Having given myself a weeks holiday from study I'm now madly trying to catch up!

They're a lot signed on to do this unit, but I'll be surprised if we all turn up if NED11 is anything to go by. It seemed like there was only about a dozen who actually did the subject.

NED11, by the way was a great subject if you haven't done it.