Sunday, 4 February 2007

Module Four - Organising search information

Choose the best three sources found in the previous task. Using whatever software or tool you think appropriate, record the following information about those sites:

* URL.
* author,
* institution,
* blurb/ summary / screen shot

Record this information in your learning log, and also detail how you saved this information, what software you used and why

AUTHOR: Joe Barker, Librarian, The Teaching Library, Program Coordinator Internet/Web Instruction
INSTITUTION: University of California Berkeley Teaching Library
SUMMARY: The library provides Internet Workshops year-round. It provides both the beginner and the Advanced Internet user with information on a miriad of sources such as specialised directories, databases, search engines and meta-search engines.
Its' pages have extensive information on the Internet & WWW including boolean searching, a glossary of internet & web jargon and how to "evaluate web pages" and much more.

Reference: Barker, Joe Retrieved January 29, 2007
This site was found using Google Advanced search. Google brought up Vicnet as the second hit. The title shown was - Advanced User's Internet Training Resources.

The Teaching Library FindInfo link was the sixth link of the list on Vicnet. see image below

AUTHOR: Angela Elkordy, Present: Director of Learning Technologies, MIA (Michigan Islamic Academy?)
INSTITUTION: Previously: Assistant Professor, Librarian & Coordinator of Electronic Resources, The Sage Colleges, Albany & Troy, NY.
SUMMARY: The stated objective of the site is: "To explore a variety of Web tools and search techniques in order to find useful information in a variety of formats." Angela Elkordy states it is "not" an advanced course, although some advanced techniques are used. While it may not be an advanced course it covers many important and useful subjects. Directories, search & meta-search engines, web indexes, evaluating & selecting resources, search techniques including boolean as well as how to find images. It also gives assignments so that users can put into practice what they read about. Both Berkeley Library and the Albany Library at the outdated URL are both given as Internet tutorials that are especially recommended. It seems that the site has not been officially updated since 2000, although the copyright statement is up to 2001.

Reference: Elkordy, Angela Retrieved January 29, 2007.

It is important to make some effort to substaniate a persons claims, particularly if they purport to be learned on a subject. I do not consider a hotmail email account as an only means of contact, to contribute to being taken seriously. I had to do a little research to track down what MIA was. My best guess is Michigan Islamic Society. On finding this I decided that perhaps due to the political climate permeating the western world and the USA in particular, it would be understandable for Ms Elkordy to be cautious.

This site was found using Google Advanced search. Google brought up Vicnet as the second hit as seen previously. The Web Searching, Sleuthing and Sifting link was the twelfth link of the Vicnet list. see image below

AUTHOR: William Stewart
SUMMARY: The Living Internet was written from 1996 through to 1999, posted on the web in January 2000, and last updated August 28, 2006. It provides 700-odd pages of in-depth information on the Internet, Web, Email, Usenet, IRC MUD's (Multi User Dungeon - adventure games with multiple players) and lists. The site covers the history, design, use, advanced features, key features, security, help and more on each of the previously mentioned applications.

Reference: Stewart, William Living Internet Retrieved January 29 2007

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